Aegean Smoked Kefalotyri

The Aegean Smoked Kefalotyri is an exceptional quality cheese and is produced from goat’s milk in the heart of the Aegean. Contains fresh Greek milk collected from herds that graze freely on the island of Ios. The ideal microclimate of the island, the sea winds and the saltiness of the sea, can be discovered in every tasty bite. This Kefalotyri cheese is being smoked with oak woods and aromatic herbs and then matures for at least 8 months, in ideal conditions at the highest point of the island.

The pleasant smoky aroma, the sweet taste, the seafood character will be engraved in the taste memory of each palate. The aftertaste lasts and gives points to the enjoyment that completes the trip.

The smoky character and rich sweet taste can turn your recipe into an exciting dish. It can give a special taste with its character to many recipes of Greek cuisine but also to exotic dishes. A smoked goat cheese for a cheese plate itself creates the surprise.



Ios Island



Its ideal wine match is Mandilari and Limnio, while it combines perfectly with many of the wines of the Aegean.