Cyan Cheese

CYAN Cheese is the first Greek blue cheese and is produced from goat’s milk. It contains fresh goat’s milk collected from herds that graze freely in the mountains of Central Macedonia. The ideal microclimate and the fresh milk, are the perfect basis for a unique product with a special texture and taste

CYAN Cheese matures slowly for at least 2 months in specially designed basements, to slowly grow the blue roqueforti fungus inside and to acquire its delicate, rich taste. It’s recipe was created after years of research and developed with the help of experienced French cheesemakers.

It has a soft and mature taste, with the discreet taste of the blue fungus, which gives the characteristic blue color. The enjoyment is completed with a rich long aftertaste that completes the tasting experience.

The particularly spicy but rich taste gives you the opportunity to combine CYAN Cheese with both intense and mild flavors. Ideal ingredient for simple and more complex recipes. It is an excellent choice for a plate of cheeses while impressing with its appearance and aroma.






Combine it with crackers or multigrain bread, fresh fruits such as strawberries and grapes. Vinsanto wine from Santorini is an ideal match, but it can also be combined with sparkling wines from Amynteo and Zitsa.