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At Arvaniti’s Dairy, the people believe that keeping up to date and taking their next steps towards the future is first about being ever-true to our principles.

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C h e e s e F a c t o r y

The dairy’s history dates back in 1980 and is filled with success both in Greece and abroad. ”Our family has been in the cheese making business for three generations. We inherited the tradition of the art of cheese making and we developed further the traditional Greek flavor. We never made any compromises regarding quality and we have adhered to this core belief despite the cost involved in the context of a competitive economy.

We are also particularly proud of forming a cheese-making team with great skills. It’s a group of people in which everyone brings unique capabilities in their area, thus contributing to the creation of unique products. We want to bring the consumer closer to the culture of our company and our country. Our cheese is our passion and our pride.“ Manolis and Michalis Arvanitis

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T h e v a l u e s o f t h e d a i r y

Fromagerie Arvaniti

The family’s non-negotiable principle is to use only fresh local milk. By closely monitoring each stage of milk production and processing – from proper nutrition and animal health to final disposal of the product to the consumer – the people at the Fromagerie ARVANITI work with every day to provide consistently high-quality products without compromise.

Dedicated to their quality, with a proven knowledge of modern methods that ensure healthy enjoyment and faith in traditional cheese making, they preserve the local character of their cheeses. Thus, they offer products that continue the rich and long-lasting Greek cheese history, with a pure and authentic taste that awakens the memory and honors the tradition.

In Arvanitis dairy, Bliss Point Cyan is made. An innovation for Greece since it is the first Greek blue cheese made from 100% goat milk.

Fromagerie Arvaniti
Fromagerie Arvaniti
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