Cheese Producers

A family dairy on the slopes of Kethairon confirms that high-quality products are the result of experience and knowledge.

The dairy PAGONIS manufactures dairy products in a traditional way for more than 45 years.

The milk that is taken on a daily basis by the approximately 100 partner breeders is checked in the certified raw milk quality control laboratory in the dairy.

The Steiakakis family since 1952 and for 3 generations continues in state-of-the-art facilities to produce excellent products

Since 1952, Georgios Steiakakis and his graviera with his recipe, creates its own myth. He is one of the first cheese makers in Crete who goes to the Dairy School of Larissa and is studying the cheese making.

Today Steakakis Dairy is a family business with a three-generation tradition.

A small creamery in the heart of Cyclades, makes unique products with long tradition.

In 2013 a small group of milk producers formed, the Tyrosyra Dairy, in order to support their activity and continue the legacy after the main cheese cooperation of the island closed.

Roussos family, who runs the dairy, loves the place and its products and decided to rescue the traditional recipes and methods of cheese-making.

At Arvaniti’s Dairy, the people believe that keeping up to date and taking their next steps towards the future is first about being ever-true to our principles.

The dairy’s history dates back in 1980 and is filled with success both in Greece and abroad.

“Our family has been in the cheese making business for three generations.

We inherited the tradition of the art of cheese making and we developed further the traditional Greek flavor.

The success of “Niotiko“ consists mainly in the fact that on a daily basis they have direct access to fresh, quality milk.

The cheese factory started in 2007 with the initiative of the Municipality of Ios with the aim of highlighting the tradition of the island in the art of cheese making, while responding to the requirements of the modern era.

In 2013, with the aim of its faster development, the cheese factory changed its character from state to private one, raising the bar of production and quality more and more since then.

The story of the traditional brine cheese “Asi Gonia” begins in 1949 when the father Stavros Plimakis, father of Sifis, cheese-fed his sheep milk in the mountains of Asi Gonia, a livestock village of the White Mountains on the border of Chania and Rethymno.