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A small creamery in the heart of Cyclades,
makes unique products with long tradition.

TYROSYRA Cheese Factory

C h e e s e F a c t o r y

Siros is a beautiful island located in the heart of the Cyclades and has about 20,000 inhabitants. Its capital is Ermoupolis, which is also the capital of  Cyclades.

In 2013 a small group of milk producers formed, the Tyrosyra Dairy, in order to support their activity and continue the legacy after the main cheese cooperation of the island closed. Roussos family, who runs the dairy,  loves the place and its products and decided to rescue the traditional recipes and methods of cheese-making.

Coming from pure passion and love, their products made exclusively from cow’s milk of the island. San Michalis cheese PDO, and Siros island Graviera, their famous aged golden gravieras, are their flagships.

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C h e e s e M a k i n g i n S i r o s

TYROSYRA Cheese Factory

The cheese production of the island started earlier back in 1500, by the catholic rulers of the island, which brought the dairy cow and produced the first cow’s cheese in Greece. That is how the locals learnt how to make cheese. This is why our products from Siros island have a lot in common with parmesan.

In 1994, San Michali was formally registered as a PDO. It is produced with traditional technology over the last 60 years on the island and is highly appreciated by consumers. The cheese was born at the time when Zanis Kontizas was the chief co-operative of the local cooperative. “Slight craftsmanship, a bit of luck”, and that’s how the delicious cheese of great maturity with milk from local animals came up. Due to all that only 2 dairies in the whole world are allowed to produce this cheese. Tyrosyra’s dairy is one of them. Moreover it is an honor that the creator of San Michali is still advising us, and the dairy.

Tyrosyra is a small creamery with limited production that we absorb entirely for the whole Greece. So if you are not so fortunate enough to travel to Siros we have undertaken to bring it to you.

In Tyrosyra dairy, Bliss Point cheese San Michali P.D.O and Siros island graviera are made.

TYROSYRA Cheese Factory