Aged cheese and wine: How to combine them?

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The most suitable accompaniment for a wine was and will always be a good cheese! And Bliss Point has many fine cheeses with flavors for every palate. But because the wines and cheeses are extremely special, the flavors that will get combined must be suitable.

So we have prepared a Wine Guide that can accompany your plates depending on the cheeses you have chosen.
Let’s see!

Aged Graviera in Wine and Aged Graviera with Black Truffle

For the lovers of “Aged Graviera” in Wine and “Aged Graviera with Black Truffle”, we suggest you a good Xinomavro wine. The intensities of the flavors of these two delights will thrill every palate.

cheeses and wines

Cyan Cheese / San Michali P.D.O.

Blue cheeses such as “Cyan Cheese”, but also special cheeses such as “San Michali P.D.O.” are uniquely combined with white sweet wines, such as Moschato, but also red sweet wine such as Mavrodafni. The contrast of sweet and salty, creates an extremely interesting result, beyond the usual.

cheese and wine

Aged Graviera with Savory

“Aged Graviera with Savory” triggers the flavors when combined with a good Chardonnay. The rich aromas of butter and nuts are wonderfully married with the intensity of the Cretan savory.

Cretan Dried Cheese in Wine

“Cretan Dried Cheese in Wine” goes well with Moschomavro, a rare wine that charms anyone who tastes it. Its playful aroma, when combined with the aromatic dry cream cheese creates a truly magic atmosphere for the senses.

Aged Graviera with 4 Peppers

The “Aged Graviera with 4 Peppers” with its intense and spicy taste wants a fine Agiorgitiko wine next to it. Fresh, fragrant and easy to drink, Agiorgitiko in combination with the 4 Peppers will give you a gastronomic night that you will not easily forget.


Aged Graviera with Thyme

Equally explosive is the combination of “Aged Graviera with Thyme” with a cool Cabernet Sauvignon. Its aromatic notes blend beautifully with the thyme and impress even the most demanding audience.

Cave Aged Graviera

Lastly, the “Cave Aged Graviera” accompanied by an Assyrtiko takes off your senses in every rendezvous with your lovely ones. Its strong taste and its 12 months of aging, highlight the lively acidity of the wine.

This year, during the holidays, compose your own canvas of fine Greek flavors and enjoy them with the right wine and good company!

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