Aegean Smoked Kefalotyri: A cheese – tribute- to the aura of the Aegean Sea

Kefalotyri Aigaiou

At the highest point of beautiful Ios, something truly unique happens. The Cycladic winds and the saltiness of the sea create a mixture of flavors and aromas from which emerges a fine cheese, the Aegean Smoked Kefalotyri.

What makes it unique?

  • It is produced by goats that live freely on the island and feed on its special flora.
goats that live freely
  • It matures slowly, for at least 8 months, in specially designed conditions, in order to absorb all the aromas of the Greek island.
Cheese mature
  • It is smoked with oak woods and aromatic herbs.
  • So, it exudes sea in every enjoyable bite.

A few words about "Niotiko" Cheese Factory...

Niotiko Cheese Factory has been operating since 2007. Its main goal is to highlight the island’s tradition in the art of cheese-making.

It is located in a unique part of the island, at an altitude of 450 meters. They only produce local, pure milk from their free-range animals without the addition of preservatives.

Ios Island

Their love for traditional products resulted in the production of fine cheeses of superior quality. Each of their cheeses, like the Aegean Smoked Kefalotyri, encloses the flavors and aromas of the local land, leading the taster on a journey of senses and memories.

The cheese factory has received numerous awards both in Greece and abroad over the years, such as a Pan-European award in Madrid, a Gold “Quality Award” in Thessaloniki and a nationwide award from GASTRONOMOS magazine.

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